Walk Band


Play the piano, guitar or drums on your Android device




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Walk Band is an app that allows you to convert your Android device into a true miniature orchestra that you can bring anywhere and play whenever you want.

The app has tons of features, including the possibility of using either one or two rows of keys when you play the piano, using multi touch (only for the 2.1 version of the operating system or later), or recording any song that you play and saving it on your phone.

In addition to the keyboard, which already appeared in Perfect Piano, you can also play the guitar or the 'drum pad' in Walk Band. Each of these instruments has its own characteristics or quirks, but in general it's easy to play any of them.

Walk Band includes seventy pre-loaded songs that you can try to play. At first, as always happens, they seem very complicated, but as you get used to the app you will find that you play better and better.

Walk Band is an app that is both entertaining and satisfying. It's an alternative way to spend time using your phone when you're sick of video games.

Requires Android 2.2 or later.

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